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SOLD OUT - Njinga Group Led Ride - Freewheel New Forest Spring

SOLD OUT - Njinga Group Led Ride - Freewheel New Forest Spring

14th April 2019


You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase event tickets from us. If you are under the age of 18, your parent or guardian must provide your details and purchase your event ticket on your behalf, subject to any age restrictions that apply to the event. Riders aged under 16 years are not permitted to join the group led rides. You must already be entered into the Freewheel New Forest Spring Sportive in order to enter the group ride.

Rider Information

If you plan to enter more than 1 rider into this event you will need to add each person to the cart separately. This is because we need each rider's contact information. Simply use the ‘Add another rider’ button from the cart.

Event Information

Njinga Cycling specialise in improving your cycling, regardless of your experience, ability or goals. Their proven training and coaching methods will have you riding like a pro! 

Taking on a Sportive for the first time or considering stepping up to a longer distance?  Njinga Cycling’s highly experienced and friendly Ride Captains will be leading small groups of riders on Sunday 14th to support, motivate and pace you around the route. Limited spots available so preregistration essential.

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